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About #PitLight

#Pitlight is an authors-only Twitter positivity event. During the event, authors can share their most recent works in progress via pitches, mood boards, artwork, *short* snippets, silly tags, and the like. Authors can engage with each other’s content in whatever way they prefer, whether it be via likes, RT and QRT, or comments.  Since this is intended to be an author-driven event, there is no industry participation. Agents, editors, and publishing houses are asked to refrain from liking/engaging with pitches. This is to prevent the environment from becoming too competitive and stressful, which would overshadow the purpose of the event – to spread light and make new friends! Please follow @pitlightevent and @amandawoody_ on twitter for updates.

Some general rules:

  • You can post your pitches with the #pitlight tag to start receiving encouragement.
  • If you’re posting anything NSFW, please tag it as such.
  • Please limit your pitches to ~3-4 per day to avoid overwhelming the #pitlight tag.
  • If you’re looking for beta readers or critique partners, you may include tags like #lookingforbetas and #lookingforcps.
  • If you receive positivity, please also spread positivity.
  • If you're an agent or other industry professional who wants to participate *as an author*, please pin a tweet stating that any engagement with the event is not a solicitation for material.


Q. Does my manuscript need to be complete to participate?
A. No. You can participate even if all you’re working with is vibes.

Q. Can I participate if I’m an agented writer?
A. Anyone can participate except for agents, editors, and publishers.

Q. What if someone steals my idea?
A. Sharing ideas in a public space like Twitter always poses risks. Those who steal tend to do so in silence. There are multiple, equally as valid sides to this issue. First, you may find comfort in the fact that it is highly unlikely that someone can replicate your entire concept, characters, plot points, voice, climax, twists, etc. from a single 280-character tweet. On the other hand, in an industry that constantly rejects marginalized authors because “we already have one of those stories,” the stealing of ideas can pose a real threat to the most vulnerable in the industry. While there is no way to truly avoid the sharks in the water, you can take steps to protect your work. This includes limiting the amount of information you share in your tweet, and taking out details that might give a more defined picture of your book. Avoid posting large snippets that give too much away and try not to include too many details that are unique to your book.

Q. What do I do if I see an agent/publisher liking pitches?
A. Please DM @amandawoody_ or @pitlightevent on twitter so we can reach out to the agent/publisher and inform them of the rules. While getting a like is a fun and exciting feeling, it causes unnecessary stress and panic for other authors who notice. There are a million pitch events on Twitter, and we want to keep this one targeted to authors.

Q. What do I do if I see someone being mean-spirited and harmful?
A. Please DM @amandawoody_ or @pitlightevent on twitter so we can investigate the user and inform pitlight participants about them.


*All events will be between 8am-8pm EST*

Tentative 2022-2023 Schedule (Please check back closer to these dates for any last minute changes):

August 13 – Kidlit (YA/MG/PB)
December 10 – Marginalized voices

April 8 - Adult
August 5 – Kidlit (YA/MG/PB)
December 9 – Marginalized voices